Choosing the Right Maternity and Nursing Bra is More Important than you Think

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Friday, September 24 2015

It’s difficult enough to find the perfect bra when you’re not pregnant—so we understand how daunting a task it is to find the perfect bra when you are! During pregnancy, your body changes in many wonderful (and mysterious) ways. At Thyme Maternity, we’ve designed a great line of Maternity and Nursing bras to ensure that every Mom-to-be and nursing Mother can easily find a bra that’s just perfect for every stage of her pregnancy.


When Shopping for Maternity Bras, keep the following in mind:


Your maternity bra should have extra room in the cups.


Nobody wants their ‘cups spilling over.’ During pregnancy, your breasts can swell up to three times their natural size. For comfort, as well as proper support, it’s important to find a bra that addresses these changes.


When choosing a nursing bra, remember that you’ll need extra room to accommodate engorgement due to lactation, and nursing pads.


You’ll also need extra room in the band.


While your breasts are getting larger, your rib cage will be expanding too. This is perfectly normal. You’ll probably notice that you require a larger band size during pregnancy. Comfort is key when choosing any bra—it’s even more important when you’re pregnant or nursing. Increase your comfort by increasing band size.


When choosing a nursing bra,, we recommend positioning the back closure of your bra on the last hook. Once baby arrives, and your rib cage goes back to its original size, you can adjust your bra accordingly.


All-over support is essential.


A substantial increase in breast size can put a strain on your back, neck, shoulders and chest. While Thyme maternity bras are designed to accommodate increased cup size, they also have adjustable straps and wider wings along the side panel for increased coverage, support and comfort. The proper maternity bra will help to relieve the strains and pains associated with an ever-changing body.


A good bra helps you maintain your shape.


With the proper support, you can help maintain the natural shape of your breasts over your pregnancy and after baby is born. In addition to offering support, the proper maternity bra can help minimize stretch marks, which are common during pregnancy.


Nursing bras have additional features.


Thyme nursing bras offer all of the same wonderful benefits as Thyme maternity bras, plus additional features such as inner nursing clips and nursing slings. Nursing clips open easily and allow for full cup drop-down for quick breastfeeding access. Nursing slings support the breast while feeding.


When you feel wonderful, you look wonderful.


There’s no denying that all pregnant women are beautiful. And there’s nothing more attractive than a pregnant, confident woman. In addition to providing unbeatable support and comfort, the right Thyme bra offers a smooth fit under clothing so you can look as wonderful as you feel.


For everyday wear, the Perfect T Maternity Bra is a popular choice with pregnant Customers, while nursing Mothers love our Cotton Chic Nursing Bra.


Perfect T Maternity Bra Video

Cotton Chic Nursing Bra Video


When you feel wonderful, you look wonderful.


Every body is different and every expectant Mom experiences changes in her body that are unique to her. The Thyme bra guide can help you easily find a bra that suits your needs and your particular style.


Pop into any Thyme Maternity location for a free bra fitting or visit the Thyme website for easy-to-follow steps on determining the bra that’s right for you. Of course when you visit a Thyme store, you have the added advantage of seeing and feeling the incredibly comfortable fabrics for yourself.


Whether you’re pregnant or have just given birth, you’ve created a little miracle! Don’t you deserve a comfortable bra for this exciting journey?


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