Empowered Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond With Essential Oils

Guest Blog by Susan from thethrivelife.ca

Thursday, October 21 2015

II absolutely love that essential oils came into my life a few months before I became pregnant with my second son. They were completely new territory to me, but recommended from a very trusted friend in the holistic wellness world. I spent a few months experimenting with different oils on myself, my husband and son and was consistently impressed every time they did what they were supposed to do! Suddenly I realized that several months had passed by and we hadn’t once needed to reach into our traditional medicine cabinet, or purchase anything over the counter!


I had a real feeling of empowerment when I then got pregnant with my second son and I started reading about all of the ways I could enhance my experience growing this sweet new little babe. During my first pregnancy, LONG before I knew about essential oils, I was of the mindset that whatever I happened to catch or be struggling with while pregnant meant I just had to suffer through.


So different this time around! The biggest change I experienced in my second pregnancy was definitely hormonal. I was juggling running a home business, teaching a lot of oil classes in the evenings and developing a team, and still trying to maintain things on the homefront. I was spread thin, very hormonal, and stressed to the max a lot of days. It didn’t take long to experience some pretty big shifts in my overall wellness as I was learning on a daily basis the aromatic benefits that essential oils can have on our mood and emotional state.


Most days I would fill our diffusers with citrus oils, which I found to be very uplifting, yet calming to my mood. I would also wear a couple of drops of oil on my pulse points, and deeply inhale the aroma whenever I started feeling a bit anxious. I came to realize something through this routine. When I felt grounded, calm, and in control of my emotional state, I had more to give to the people in my life. I felt more compelled than ever to start sharing this with others. Especially other Mamas, as we are so often in give mode, and eventually that leaves things in our own buckets a little depleted.


Another huge shift was the ability to support my immune function using essential oils. I was worried that because I was opening my home every day to other families in my home daycare, that my OWN family would be more likely to pick up seasonal bugs. We used immune boosting, protective blends every time there was a seasonal threat or something circulating through the daycare kids and we ALL stayed on the GOOD side of health! When you’re busy growing a little babe, you need ALL of the energy and vibrancy you can spare!


My achy joints were addressed on a daily basis with oils like Marjoram applied topically with coconut oil for dilution and sometimes in a bath with epsom salts. It was such supportive relief in an area I would have felt helpless before. Mild, occasional nausea was easily stopped in its tracks simply by inhaling Ginger oil.


I was incredibly motivated to avoid an induction this time around in my pregnancy and to limit the need for any interventions during labour and delivery. Once I reached the 40 week mark I used Clary Sage oil to help get things moving, and once labour started, I relied on some of the grounding and calming oils to help focus and calm myself.



Many of the days following your baby’s arrival can be very unpredictable, as you navigate sleep deprived nights, a body that has gone through remarkable change, and an entirely new routine for family life. I really feel so blessed that I had a natural, therapeutic and pure choice in supporting my body physically and emotionally through this miracle. I am passionate about educating families (in particular Mamas) about having the confidence to choose an essential oil in the moment for their wellness needs.


I’d love to help support you on your journey no matter the stage. Using essential oils can be incredibly empowering before pregnancy, during, and long after as you continue to care for yourself and your family. If you’d like to chat more about the brand I have fallen deeply in love with please send me an email at susanbursic@live.com or hop over to my website www.thethrivelife.ca to request some samples!


Keep glowing Mamas!

Susan xoxo

Suzanne Toth