Guest Post by Heather Lapier, Makeup Artist & Blogger

Monday, June 8 2015

I have always enjoyed getting ready for the day, doing my hair, makeup and choosing my outfit. I believe that when you look good, you feel good. This doesn't mean that I am done up to the nines everyday, just that when I am put together I feel more confident. Now that I am a mom, getting ready in the morning is a little bit more of an adventure and requires efficiency, planning and multitasking.


I teamed up with Suzanne, another mother entrepreneur, to create some easy makeup looks, for various situations you may have throughout the day. I created a 5 minute look, 15 minute look and a date night look, that will leave you feeling great and hopefully save you time.


5 Minute Makeup (steps below)


  1. Apply foundation all over your face blending into your neckline and hairline to give a natural finish.
  2. Apply concealer under your eyes from the inside corner to the temple. Use a flesh tone concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the rest of your face so it will double as a highlighter, to brighten the under eye area.
  3. Set your cream products with loose translucent powder, to keep them in place all day long.
  4. Apply bronzer under your cheekbones to create definition. Also dust bronzer in a sideways “v” shape around the outside corner of your eye. Apply a blush to your cheeks and blend with the bronzer.
  5. Fill in your brows to define your eyes. I prefer a powder, as I find it is easier to work with and allows you to create various ranges of depth.
  6. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes, to really open up your eyes.
  7. Apply a gloss for a subtle look or a bold lipstick for a brighter pop. I love to apply a waterproof lip liner all over my lips for long lasting, colour wear. I don’t know about you moms but I kiss baby cheeks all day long and I don't want lipstick all over my baby.
  8. This look is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, polished and ready for the day.

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  • Powder Blush in Sinner from Caryl Baker Visage
  • Brow Blend in Brunette from Caryl Baker Visage
  • Voluminous Mascara in Black from L’oreal
  • Lip Gloss in I Love Me from Caryl Baker Visage


15 Minute Makeup (steps below)


Start with the steps listed above and add the following:


  1. Sweep a frosted flesh tone eyeshadow across the entire lid from your lash line, to your eyebrows.
  2. Choose a neutral matte shadow that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Apply this through your crease and blend it out, by moving your brush back and forth from the outside corner of your eye, to the inside tip of your brow.
  3. Line your eyes with a brown shadow that is a little deeper than your crease colour. Using a shadow to line your eyes is a great way to save time as it doesn't require precision. This does however, give your eyes some definition.
  4. Adding shadows to your daytime look defines your eyes and brightens your entire face.

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Date Night Look (steps below)


These next steps can also be applied on top of the previous steps. I would touch up any shine by dusting your face with another layer of translucent powder. If this makes your blush less noticeable, thats ok, we are going to add a bolder colour for night anyway.


  1. Apply a deep shadow colour of your choice to your crease. We used warm tones on Suzanne and went with a dark berry colour. This shadow was applied over the light peach colour originally placed through her crease. Also bring this colour down in the outer corner of the eye to create a small triangle.
  2. Add more highlighter under the brow and on the lid, to brighten up the eyes and blend the darker crease colour.
  3. Create a winged eye with a liquid liner by drawing out the lash line to your desired length. Then build on that line with upward outward strokes, to create a small triangle in the outer corner of the eye. If you make a mistake with your liquid liner, you can correct it by dabbing a little face cream onto a q-tip and sweeping that over any rough eyeliner edges.
  4. Smudge a black shadow on the bottom lash line in the outer corner. To create a dramatic look that stills makes your eyes appear bright, focus the darkest colours and application to the outside of the eye area and the brightest on the inside.
  5. Apply false lashes to your top lash line. Not only does this add drama to your eyes, it also makes your eyes look bigger. For a date night or girls night, these are the perfect touch of glamour.
  6. Add more blush to your cheeks in a more vibrant or darker shade, than your day colour.
  7. Remove any lip colour from the day and start over by applying lip liner for definition. Then fill in the lips with a bolder colour than your day look.

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Even with all the makeup tips in the world, it can still be difficult to keep a baby or toddler entertained while you get ready. To keep my son entertained while I get ready, I sometimes will have him in his Jolly Jumper, sing to him, entertain him in my stand up mirror or simply let him make a little mess, like pulling clean laundry out of a basket.


Our children learn by watching us and if we take pride in our appearance, they will learn that and follow our lead. I don't need to wear makeup to feel beautiful and confident everyday but it definitely helps somedays. I hope you give some of these techniques a try and have fun playing around with your makeup.


Heather Lapier