Time to get up, the Son is shining

Wednesday, March 11 2015

You know that feeling… The feeling you get when someone is staring at you while you sleep? I get that feeling almost every morning. It doesn’t startle me but I am very aware of it. I open my eyes and there is Owen quietly staring with his blankie and a bear in hand. “Hi Mom!” he says. “Hi Owen. Good morning”, I say. Then I look at my phone to see what time it is, and it’s 5am… Oh my it’s 5 am. “Time to get up!” says Owen. Owen, my love it is only 5am, would you like to crawl into bed with me? Let’s sleep a little longer.” Owen assures me it’s morning and tells me that the sun is out. “Look the sun is shining through your curtains” I peek behind the curtains… Honey, that is the street lamp, it’s 5am. I look over at Owen and he has a big smile across his face. He couldn't care less that it is 5am; he doesn’t know what 5am means. All he knows is that he’s up and he’s happy and he’s ready to play. “Ok, I’ll get up”, I wink back.


We go downstairs. I make myself a coffee and get Owen some milk. I get down on the floor beside him as he plays with his toys and try to look as enthusiastic as he does while he tells me about robots and what they can do to buildings. We play a little longer, and then I make breakfast. Then we build a fort in the living room, play with trains, and then it is just about time for us to get ready for school. I look at the clock and tell Owen that I will let him watch a show on TV while I run upstairs to get myself ready. I scoot upstairs to do my hair, make-up and throw on some clothes. I then head downstairs to get Owen dressed and ready for school, and what do I find? He is fast asleep on the couch. I smile, and let him sleep a little longer before getting him ready for school.


Slowly, I wake Owen. Eyes blinking open, he greets me with, “Hi Mom”. “Hi Owen,” I smile back. “Time to get up, the sun is shining”


Suzanne Toth